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Meet The Humans

With More Human you get an entire team of event and community building experts at your fingertips. They're also ninjas in a lot of other useful things:

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Your marketing and accessibility guru


Emma and her team will help ensure your events gets noticed and that they're accessible, approachable, and memorable with maximum social connection for your attendees.


Emma likes making things so don't be surprised if she turns up to a workshop with 145 handmade notebooks, each one unique, just because she fancied it.

Your community building champion


Andy and his team have years of supporting groups and communities to bring more people together. He can help you dodge the pitfalls and loves sharing tips and ideas from his own experience and from other groups.


If you're not utterly spellbound by Andy's authentic charm within the first 10 minutes of a call with him then we politely suggest you might be a robot. 

Your fundraising and grants pro


Mel and her team are experts at finding funding for community projects and they've conquered the dark art of grant application.


Even we don't know how Mel's mastery of all things granty happens but sometimes she talks to herself so maybe spells??

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Andy Punter
Mel Nurse


Your business and growth strategy genius

Duncan and his team can help you achieve your ambitions for your group. Whether that's geographic expansion or offering new experiences he's your man with a strategic plan.


Duncan is the only Co-Founder of More Human without pink hair. Please feel free to join us in our very subtle, Derren Brown-esque planting of the idea in his head if you agree he'd rock fuschia.



Your software development genius

As well as his coding prowess,

Tamlin is a wizard when it comes to hurling fire around (he's brilliant at fire poi) We try to keep him away from flames during working hours but we can guarantee that your events will be hot stuff (Please forgive us for the Dad joke.)

(More info and photo coming soon)

Duncan Lindsey
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The League of Extraordinary Humans
Past team members, interns and volunteers who have helped us get to where we are today.

Who we are

We're a tech startup based in the UK that's all about making a difference. We were founded in December 2019 with a mission to tackle loneliness by giving everyone the power to be amazing community event organisers and club leaders.

We've worked closely with community groups and organisers all over the UK to learn what would make their llives easier. Our online platform and expert team have helped organisers create and run successful events and bring their communities together more often.

Our purpose

We discovered that organising regular community events and clubs plays a crucial role in fostering social connections and combating loneliness. Creating opportunities for people to come together around shared interests leads to new friendships. But we know that being an organiser is incredibly challenging, especially when it comes to keeping people engaged.

We combine accessible and intuitive online tools with real human expertise to create high quality events in no time at all. So humans can do what they do best.

Reaching out to us.

Pick your favourite way to get in touch, with all responses coming from real humans from our team.

Email us
Video chat with us

Reaching out to us.

Pick your favourite way to get in touch, with all responses coming from real humans from our team.

Email us
Video chat with us
Arrange a callback
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