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More Human beginnings

We’re living in a world that is becoming less and less human.

Technology and business are taking advantage of our behaviours and habits to make money. Religion, spirituality, and values are being phased out leading to a decline in trust, kindness, and community. Families nowadays are living further apart and feeling disconnected, and a cultural norm of ageism is making people feel like they should only socialise with people of their own age. We live in psychologically and socially unnatural environments, where opportunities for face-to-face interaction are disappearing every week, replaced by information overload and digital “solutions”.

This trend towards a less human world is affecting our health and wellbeing. In a period of rapid change, no wonder we are

reaching a point where we’re beginning to feel powerlessness to influence the way things are heading. We worry about the kind of future we are creating together.

But there is another way — a growing movement to pull society in a different direction, towards a future that is more human. We believe in a world where businesses win only if people win. Where humans and their wellbeing come before profit. Where the incredible power and potential of technology is used for good; to bring more equality, inclusion, access, and real social connection. A world where we use cutting edge science not just to reclaim the humanity we’ve lost, but to make it more accessible for more people than ever before — where technology is a leveller of human potential. We firmly believe that as a society, we can do better than Facebook.

Which is why we founded More Human; a purpose-led business aiming to increase social connection by making it easy to start or join a community cooperative.

At More Human, we believe that empowerment through real-life clubs and communities — not online social networks — are the key to creating more meaningful social connections. Scientific studies indicate that joining a social or recreational group could boost your life expectancy as much as quitting smoking (ref 1, 2, 3). Our vision is a world where everyone is part of, and contributes to, a community that meets their economic, social, and cultural aspirations.

Co-Founders Emma, Mel, and Duncan came together on a venture builder programme called Zinc in December 2019. Part of a group of 45 entrepreneurs on a mission to add 5 quality years to later life, we were united in our drive to increase meaningful social connection amongst older adults.


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