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Creating Connected Communities - A More Human Approach

This is part 1 of a 3-part series of blogs on creating 'sticky communities' for community organisers. Stay tuned for the rest coming soon!

Some Context:

At More Human, our mission is to harness the power of community events as a catalyst for genuine, lasting human connections. This, for us, begins with an understanding of the pivotal role of always designing events for social connection, a crucial principle at the heart of creating "sticky communities" that thrive.

Creating a More Human World:

Founded in 2019, More Human was born from a from a shared passion to address the growing disconnect in our societies. Our small, purpose-led team of technologists, designers, and community builders is dedicated to equipping community organisers—the unsung heroes who bring people together—with the tools and support necessary to create impactful gatherings. So far, we've supported thousands of groups, championing the cause of nurturing more connected, vibrant communities and we love to share what we have learnt.

The Science of Connection:

At the heart of More Human's philosophy lies a simple yet important truth: the strongest communities are built through regular, meaningful engagement. Drawing from the science of human connection, we understand that bonds are fortified not just by shared interests but through consistent, quality interactions over time. This insight shapes every aspect of our approach, guiding our efforts towards enhancing social inclusion and maximising opportunities for meaningful connection, especially in person where the impact is most profound.

Our Framework for Social Connection:

The More Human Community Framework (more on this in future blogs!) is our blueprint for building connected communities. It is made up of 4 main quadrants:

  • Serve: Delivering exceptional experiences that foster deep social connections.

  • Structure: Designing human and technological systems that facilitate smooth operation and meaningful engagement.

  • Sustain: Ensuring communities have the resources and support needed to thrive long-term.

  • Seek: Attracting, recruiting, and integrating new members in ways that enrich the community fabric.

Embedded in this model is our commitment to social inclusion at each stage, ensuring communities create environments where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Designing events for human connection:

As we dig deeper into the art and science of designing events for social connection, we invite you to join us in reimagining community engagement. From exploring the nuances of vertical and horizontal glue to unveiling practical strategies for deepening social bonds, this series will summarise some of the stuff we have been sharing in workshops recently and is an invitation to all who share our passion for a more connected, more human world.


In addressing the challenges of social isolation and loneliness, the design of our community events is crucial. By creating environments where every interaction has the potential to spark a deeper connection, we not only enrich individual lives but weave a stronger social fabric that benefits us all. Join More Human's journey, where every event is a step towards a more connected, more human world.


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