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Finally! An expert team and clever event building tool that helps your space work as hard as you do. We'll support you to grow as an event space that welcomes all.

So that you can become the centre of the community, not just your congregation.

If they're not a member of your congregation the general local community might not even know that they could hold or attend an event in your space. It could feel a little intimidating and a bit cheeky to suddenly ask to use it if they aren't a patron of your space normally. 

But you can turn this around! With our support you can turn your space into somewhere that feels more approachable to potential organisers, volunteers and attendees alike. 

No more boring and overwhelming event admin

No more low quality and inconsistent marketing

No more wasted time when your space is empty

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Services that spaces like yours really love


Pro marketing kits

Attract the attention of the wider community using a bespoke marketing strategy, customised visuals, posters, social media content, a website you won't have to manage and automated newsletter signups, all created and managed by our experts.


Booking & email system

Relax as we handle your administrative tasks. We'll update your "what's on" webpage, manage bookings, process payments securely, send confirmations and reminders.


Local club and group support tools

Inspire and equip more volunteers and local groups to organise brilliant events and clubs in your venue. Our ready-to-host events and organising kits include everything they need.


Attendance data

Proving your impact and reach has never been easier with the opportunity to see who’s coming to events and what they’re coming to. This is vital when applying for grants or other funding.

Some of the faith spaces who are throwing their doors open with the help of More Human

"We really care about providing opportunities for people to come together and take part in their community - but so many groups and practitioners need so much help from us. More Human have helped us make the whole team and system so much more accessible and effective, for everyone."

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“I was spending most of my time doing things that weren’t my priority - admin, marketing, dealing with staff and volunteers - instead of connecting the community. More Human’s service is actually designed to help with all that.”

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Ready to become THE place for people to gather?

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