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More Human combines an expert team with a brilliant tool to help you build higher quality, better attended, more inclusive events. And supported by volunteers so there's less work.

So you can have a huge impact on your community with minimal workload.



No more sub-par events promoted by lacklustre listings

No more worries about whether your event is inclusive

No more being chained to your desk with event admin


Volunteers. Quality. Data.

The 3 key things you're struggling with most and that would greatly help the amount of brilliant, packed out events you could offer. 


You often struggle to recruit and retain volunteers perhaps because it seems too hard, or a big time commitment.

And there's always a danger that the events will look/be terrible or inconsistent, which reflects badly on you. 


We know you've probably been bitten many times by poor attendance and you've likely had to cancel events last minute because of this. 

Don't worry, we're here to support you.

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Ready to give your community a boost?

More Human features we think might become your favourites


A Community 'What's On' you don't have to update

We update your 'What’s On' page for you, aggregating all the events run by activity providers, clubs, groups and spaces in your community.


Involvement tools and volunteer support

Inspire and equip more volunteers to step up and support the running of council events so your team doesn't get burn-out. Our event tips and walk-throughs mean you can let go of tasks without fear of everything imploding.


Track your event successes with attendee data

We'll help you keep track of what's being organised and who is attending so you can measure your impact and report your successes.


COMING SOON: Gifted subscriptions

Purchase multiple More Human subscriptions to distribute across your community and strengthen the whole social infrastructure locally. And with continuous oversight of funded projects, reporting and tracking becomes incremental.

Reaching out to us.

Pick your favourite way to get in touch, with all responses coming from real humans from our team.

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