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More Human is a genius event-building tool combined with a team of experts that can craft the kind of events program your community won’t be able to resist.


So you'll have a jam-packed community calendar that you’ve barely had to lift a finger to create.


No more building event programs on your own

No more having to update your event webpage manually

No more worry about whether people will come to your event

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We know that you’re the doer round here. If you’re not herding new activity organisers into your space or attempting to shoehorn 3 events into the prime Saturday spot you're trying to read your communities’ mind about what they’d want to attend.

There’s a huge amount of pressure on you to start clawing back the financial shortfall caused by lockdown and you’re not sure if you delegate to someone else whether they’ll do a decent job … Breathe! We totally understand.

Things we know you'll really love


A self-updating 'What's On' page

Let us take event admin off your plate - we update your What’s On page for you and even help you keep track of who is using the space and attending events.


Easy event RSVPs or ticketing

Our booking system is built into every event. This makes it really easy for your event organisers to take payments on paid for events or simply know how many people will be attending free ones.


Genius event kits

We remove the danger of sub-par events taking place in your space with our brilliant event kits for event organisers.
We choose imagery, provide descriptive text, create social posts and give advice on things like inclusivity.


Create demand-led, popular events

Our clever technology will gather data on what your community want to attend and make suggestions, so you can banish forever that fear of no one showing up.

Some of the spaces already feeling smug thanks to More Human 

"With More Human the quality of events feels higher and there are less events being cancelled at short notice because of low sign-ups. I love it."

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"We just point our group organisers at More Human and the magic happens. The bespoke marketing assets are a godsend ... I haven't seen an ugly poster for months!"

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Ready to fill your space with ease?

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