More Human founders Mel, Duncan and Emma's eyes met across a crowded office. They bonded over their shared love of glitter and their mutual hate of loneliness.
More Human founders Mel, Duncan and Emma's eyes met across a crowded office.
They bonded over their shared love of fun and their mutual hate of loneliness.
The Humans

Mel Nurse: Mel has 13 years' experience leading teams to make a difference - first as an Engineer designing and testing products for Rolls-Royce, and then as Head of Innovation creating new ventures for Cancer Research UK. She loves swing dancing, board games, and cake baking.

- 1st Class Masters Aerospace Engineering

- Chartered Engineer

- Won £10M CEO investment

- Managed to stand up on a surf board

Duncan Lindsey: After graduating from Oxford, Duncan worked as a strategy consultant for PwC and Strategy&, before joining an environmental venture as CTO, and then founding TechGym to help non-technical people learn about frontier technologies. He loves gaming, the outdoors and his eclectic, 30-strong collection of housemates.

- 1st Class Masters Chemistry

- Pending patents for algorithm design

- Founder of the TechGym

- Knows all the Excel shortcuts

Emma Lawton: Emma has tackled everything from crafting brands to designing complex HR service systems during her career as a Creative Director. She was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 29 and it opened her eyes to the power of technology as an enabler to human interaction. She loves blogging, camping and anything involving sequins.

- Listed in the BIMA 100 & MT's 35 Under 35

- Featured in BBC2's 'Big Life Fix'

- Wired 'One To Watch'

- Failed her cycling proficiency exam


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