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Meet The Humans

The More Human team came together over their shared love of fun and their mutual hate of loneliness. 

 Our purpose 


Researching loneliness interventions, we realised that people who organise regular community events and clubs have a huge impact on social connection. That’s because they provide the structure for people to come together often to pursue a shared interest as part of a group. And according to science, this provides the perfect conditions in which to form new friendships - whether that’s in a workplace, a neighbourhood, or a local space.

And yet playing this organising role is incredibly hard work, and it’s even harder to produce great events or clubs that people really want to attend.

This is why we exist to make accessible, intuitive online tools that use modern technology to do the boring, hard, or uncertain bits of event organising, so humans can do more of what they do best: connect with people and make things happen.

  Who we are 

We are a small UK based purpose-led tech startup, founded in December 2019 to reduce loneliness by empowering anyone to be a brilliant organiser of community events and clubs.

We received government grant funding and co-created our innovative product with community groups and grassroots organisers across the UK. Since then, hundreds of organisers have used our online platform to create and run successful events faster and easier than ever before.

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