Kim, a member of a meetup group looking happy
Jenny, a member of a meetup group looking happy
Dee, a meetup group leader smiling
A speech bubble saying 'My members love it.'
 Group hub 

Engage your group

Offer attendees a personalised events hub that they'll want to share with their friends.

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More Human makes planning and sharing quality group social events a cinch so you can get on with enjoying them.

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 Event builder 

Create high quality social experiences

Access top quality event
templates created by expert partners and celebrities.

 Team features 

With less faff

Delegate event creation and promotion to members and let technology sort the boring stuff.

A speech bubble saying 'So clever. It saves me so much time!'
A speech bubble that says 'We're running 3 times as many events as we were 3 months ago.'
Mark, a meetup group member smiling.
Raj, a meetup group member smiling.
A bar chart of attendance and donations taken at events made up of raised hands.
A speech bubble saying 'The More Human platform is making us +40% more revenue per event!'

 Payment and promotion tools 

Greater reward

Produce better attended, more lucrative and impactful events.

But don't just take our word for it.

Dee, Leader of an 8,000 strong Meetup group

Shaka, Community Wellbeing Manager

Rachel, Founder of a 80+ branch mental health
swim meet

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