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We’re community pros who’ll work with you to build and manage social groups and create events to be proud of.

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Cinderella had a fairy godmother.
You've got More Human.
You lucky thing.

When you're with More Human, you receive the full support of our experts, who provide insightful advice and actively take on tricky tasks for you. From creating social media content and websites, to managing bookings and helpers - we're at your side. We’re dedicated to helping you grow a lively, engaged community with popular and memorable events. (And we don't turn into a pumpkin after midnight.)

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We're currently working with 1,254 groups across the UK*

Become a More Human member and unlock not only a world of knowledge from our incredible team, but experience from a fantastic community of inspiring leaders. Get ready to soak up wisdom like a sponge and connect with amazing minds.

*and Hey, Hei, Hola, Oi, Kia Ora and G'day to our groups in Norway, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Spain and Portugal.

A map of all the locations More Human has groups using their services

Our impact so far is huge:

People eating dinner together outside


attendances to events built using More Human.

Our leisure client logos


We don't like to name drop but ... we've worked with some of the biggest names in art and entertainment.

Image by Didier Weemaels


in ticket sales for our groups.

Mental Healthh Swims swimmers in the water


Mental Health Swims, a brilliant, fun and vital
organisation have grown to 185 groups while using More Human.



bonding opportunities created (Yay! New friends! )

Eden Project Communities logo


We've been providing support for 500+ individual groups across the Eden Project Communications network (via talks, software, 1:1 coaching and workshops)

The Coronation Big Lunch logo


Coronation Big Lunches 2023 organised using More Human.

Wild Isles logos


We're proud to be collaborating to help Save Our Wild Isles by powering Community-organised Nature Trails

The Team

A team of community experts that you can call on.

Visit the about us page for more info on our expertise and what makes us tick.

More Human is spot on ...

For individuals

Whether you want to start your own group (that's amazing!) or establish a local branch (that's equally amazing!) within a larger network, our team is ready to help you achieve your goals.

For clubs & groups

Eliminate the burden and anxiety of managing and growing a group with our clever tools, expert guidance, and professional support. The whole team as individuals have been in your shoes so we get it.

For organisations

We help you expand the reach and influence of your groups and events through franchising, ensuring that your impact reaches far and wide. Check you out!

Innovate UK logo

Proud to be 2-time Innovate UK grant winners, awarded to apply the power of AI to community building.

Reaching out to us.

Pick your favourite way to get in touch, with all responses coming from real humans from our team.

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