Our Virtual Venue

To support Community Leaders and their members at this difficult time we've set up an online meeting space. You can book slots in our Virtual Venue to hold events for your community, accessible over the phone or online.


Our Virtual Venue is the perfect space to hold an online café. Somewhere for your members to have a chat with each other from their own homes.

How do the cafés work?

Our Virtual Cafés are held on Zoom, an online meeting place accessible by the internet or phone. Your guests are greeted by a host (we can provide a host or train you or some of your members to be able to do this role) who will filter them off into smaller groups in breakout rooms, or as we like to think of them, tables!


Tables are usually groups of around 3-5 people, a small enough gathering that everyone can have their chance to contribute to the chat and be heard. There is the option to add in a short break and reshuffle the tables so people get a chance to speak to different people.

How about putting on another type of event?

Over the past few months we've designed and helped run everything from online quiz nights to virtual dinner parties. If there is an event you fancy putting on but don't know how or you have some exciting ideas email emma@more-human.co.uk for a chat. 

"Thank you for organising this it’s a great way to connect with other people in these isolating times."

"Wonderful idea, really enjoyed it and hope we can repeat this soon!"

"Thank you so much for doing this. Really going beyond just a meetup by also reaching out to anyone isolating
and isolated."


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