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Get a summer calendar full of community events, made for you by experts

We'll tailor-make for you:

A full set of events

A comprehensive lineup of events, ready to host.

Complete event kits

Each event package includes pre-written descriptions, ready-made posters and webpages, risk assessments, hosting tips and more.

A What's On website

A fully loaded website showcasing all your events, under your branding.

Plus, benefit from expert advice: Our team of event and community-building specialists is at your service.

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Your wishlist of events, made to order

Simply share your preferences in a few words or a quick chat, and we'll make a complete lineup of events for your community.


Our expert team will take care of the heavy lifting, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the human side of gathering.

Start enjoying more and planning less.

A scrolling example of some of the events in our library

  Any event you want: with our event & club building service, the only limit is your imagination  

Event Kits: Everything you need to make your events a success, ready-made

Each event we build for you comes with a treasure trove of ready-made resources designed to promote, plan, and seamlessly manage your event, all perfectly tailored to your group.

We can also provide the same level of support and assets for your group, venue or organisation.

A poster for a community swishing event
Your group home page in an IPad

Inside every event kit

A facebook post showing an event on a mobile screen

Event description | visuals | posters | webpages | social media content | bookings |  reminders | logistics tips | risk assessments |  expert advice | human support

Pink tape holding up the event poster
A laptop
Some examples from the More Human event library

How it works:


Share your vision. Tell us a little more about your group and the sort of events that your community love, in a few words or more.


We’ll build you a programme of events, tailored to your community
(or just one event, if you prefer).


Within 5 working days, we'll give you a little show-and-tell, and chance to request edits.


If you like what you see, we'll get you signed up as a member, meaning we'll be on-hand to make sure your events are a success.

  • Who is More Human designed for?
    It was built for people like you! Fantastic humans who want to bring people together more easily and more often. There are all sorts of people using the platform; from charity volunteers to community leaders, from yoga teachers to the sociable one in a group of friends. Whether you're doing this for the first time or you've got experience of hosting events, our platform gives you superpowers to make it a success.
  • Can I use More Human for other groups I’m involved with?
    Yes, we'd love that! Lots of organisers tell us that they are involved in running group events or activities in different areas of their lives - they might work for a charity or local government department, fundraise for their PTA, or run a peer support or hobby group. Once you have a More Human account, you can add groups to your profile (each with its own diary of events, what’s on page, and organising team) and switch between them in the main menu.

Looking for other support with running your group?
We can help with that too. 

What you get

✔ Website

✔ Posters

✔ Social media posts

✔ Booking system

✔ Press releases

✔ Donations & payments

✔ Calendar of events

✔ Newsletters

✔ Helper recruitment

✔ Advice

✔ Funding help

More Humans

We are a team of Community Builders, Technologists, Designers and Party Enthusiasts, who believe that the strongest communities do things together, often. We give you the support, advice and tools you need to bring together your community and build a more connected, More Human world.


If you would like to chat about how we can help, we’d love to hear from you, just get in touch using one of the methods below.

Reaching out to us.

Pick your favourite way to get in touch, with all responses coming from real humans from our team.

Email us
Video chat with us
Arrange a callback
Live Chat with us

Live Chat
(look for the pink bubble to the side of  the screen)

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