It's not just what you do, it's who you do it with.
Supercharge your WhatsApp groups with a social calendar that takes care of the invites for you.

No one gets left out

Everyone in the group is invited to the things you'd like to do with them.

Cut through the chat

Keep the ideas and the planning from getting lost in the conversation.

Share the load

Empower everyone to suggest events, so it's not always down to you.

Why try it?

Create up to 5 calendars for FREE

How it works

1. You create a calendar
Choose how private it should be, then share it on your WhatsApp groups. Create as many social calendars for as many groups as you like.

2. Everyone proposes events
Find events anywhere online, or create your own. Save them to one or more WhatsApp group calendars instantly, or keep them for later.

3. Everyone receives invites
Browse a list of events proposed by your friends, let them know if you're coming and buy tickets, all in one place. Add them to your personal calendar or diary.