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Clubs and groups.
We've got you sorted.

We take away the stress and overwhelm of running a group with our More Human magic.

No matter who you're bringing together and for whatever reason, we'll make your life a billion times easier. With us, you'll have everything you need to engage and grow your community, hassle-free.

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What you get:

Event & group descriptions | visuals | posters | webpages | social media content | bookings | reminders | logistics tips | risk assessments | expert advice | human support

Our groups love these features:


Use our exclusive library of unique event designs to add new quality experiences to your club calendar with a few clicks. No need to write a word. Plus full hosting walkthrough to deliver to a high standard, no matter who in your team is hosting.


Don't currently have a website? As part of your membership we’ll make you one fully-loaded with text and your branding. Or if you already have one we can integrate our group events page into your website where it'll just automatically update with your new events. No expensive developer fees or Wordpress headaches. Phew.


Get posters, social media posts, volunteer recruitment materials, and press releases at the click of a button. Made just for your event or group. Which means no more faffing about in Word or Canva.

Why use More Human?

Make it happen, fast.

We know it can feel hard trusting others when quality is really important to you but we’ll make everything to the kind of standards you'll feel proud of. And our experience, tools and focus mean you'll be setup in no time without having to find time in your own busy life.

Feel invincible.

You started doing this because you love people, not admin, spreadsheets and risk assessments (we hope!). But if you want to expand your knowledge then you have access to our exclusive member how-to and upskilling content, accountability coaching, and advice from our friendly team of experts.

Do less. Achieve more.

We'll not only help you reach and engage more attendees, but helpers and volunteers if you need them too. You can also manage all your communication with your event attendees, take donations or ticket payments and manage RSVPs and guest preferences (like accessibility or dietary requirements) all in one place with More Human.

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Our prices range from as tiny as £10 per month for our full set of member tools and services. Have a look at our pricing page for more info.

Everything you need in one simple website. Built by community experts.

You can build and run as much (or as little) of your group from the More Human website as you like. It’s super simple to use; all you need is an email address.

And our team of experts will always be on hand for support, 5 days a week.

Or do even less: Hire a Community Coordinator.

If you’re super busy or prefer humans over technology, then our Community Coordinator service might be perfect for you. Simply choose your preferred communication method (email, WhatsApp, or text), then make your requests for edits to your group’s assets or for new ones to be made to our pool of Community Coordinators, who will do it all for you - meaning you can be hands free and avoid the web completely!

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The A Team for communities.

We know community building is challenging work that technology on its own won't solve. That's why our web developers, community builders, event experts, and marketing & design pros are here 5 days a week to help you build, grow, and run your community.

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Reaching out to us.

Pick your favourite way to get in touch, with all responses coming from real humans from our team.

Email us
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